Our 11 year old feature artist Ariella, with Mum, Gemma ( Photography by Jody Pachniuk)

Our 11 year old feature artist Ariella, with Mum, Gemma (Photography by Jody Pachniuk)

There are so many different ideas out there about how best to display your kids artwork, it can become overwhelming and time consuming. As a busy Mum of 3 kids, with experience in Interior Design and Photography, this is what I know…

At LiTTLE HANGS, we embrace the fun and the meaningful in your life. We are a bespoke, curated artwork service, transforming your children’s artwork into beautiful, timeless pieces of art for your home, inspired and crafted by the little people in your life.


  • We individually hand photograph every piece of your child’s artwork

  • Professional photographers

  • Over 20 years combined design experience

  • Each piece is carefully curated by hand (not by a robot)

  • Printed on superior Ilford Galerie Fine Art textured paper

  • Quality custom framing

  • We return your originals to you in their original form   

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LiTTLE HANGS original pieces are designed to suit every room in your house. They are more than just artwork. Each curated piece is really a story, the story of its maker. When and how did they learn to paint? To draw? What tools did they use to make and how did they feel when they were making them? What were they trying to communicate? 

Just as the skills and creativity of our little ones are timeless, the artworks they produce are timeless. They can be handed down through generations to a child or a grandchild and like all art, they depict a certain time in their life journey that transcends any language.

We live in a modern world with a disposable throwaway culture, the ease with which we can replace things discourages us from caring for the things we buy, or from investing a little more and buying something that will last longer.

LiTTLE HANGS pieces are curated in similar vein to last 50, 100 or 500 years. A family anchor. Not only are they physically well made, but with bespoke, original heirloom design value, they are also aesthetically beautiful and timeless.

 And you can’t put a price on that !!

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