Framed Little Worlds Art for Interior Designers, Property Stylists & Special Arrangements

When you walk into a space, there is no better way to create a lasting first impression than with visual appeal. Ask anyone who’s selling a home, styling an AirBNB property or simply looking to personalise an interior space, we all know how frustrating it can be to find unique, affordable and stylish art that not only fills the spaces but adds personality and soul to their walls. Large statement pieces are key, so we also offer Little Worlds sizing up to 125cm x 165cm.

If you have a particular size in mind that we don’t have advertised, let us know via email and we can create a custom size for you.

Little Hangs offers trade pricing (with no minimum spend) on all framed art to:

  • Builders

  • Interior Designers 

  • Real Estate Stylists & Stagers

  • Commercial & Residential Property Developers

  • Hotels & Resorts

  • Residential Stylists

Contact Little Hangs to apply for your trade discount at with your business details and special requirements. 

We look forward to working with you!