LiTTLE HANGS original pieces are designed to suit every room in your house. A modern family heirloom, beautifully crafted and designed to last a lifetime.

Whether you’re after something to bring life and personality to the blank walls you’ve been staring at for years, or a gift option for the Grandparents, we’ve got size and framing options to suit. 

Our gallery page is designed to give you some ideas of what we do. There are loads of possibilities on offer, including CUSTOM MADE MONTAGES (with your children’s artwork) or choose from our very own LiTTLE WORLDS artworks.

Lots of love, care and time goes into the curation and creation of each of our pieces. We hope you love them as much as we do. Scroll down, and if you need help, send us an email at

R9 FRS V BL TRIP copy.jpg
SQ R3 FRM V BL 2 copy.jpg
SQ R3 FRM V BL 3.jpg
R4 FRS V RAW copy.jpg
R2 FRM H RAW 2 copy.jpg
R6 FRL H RAW 2 copy.jpg
R3 FRM V BL 3 copy.jpg
R8 FRM V RAW copy.jpg
R4 FRS V RAW 2 copy.jpg