Morning fights with her brothers and future advice for her parents, we sit down with our very first feature artist, 8yo Lili, on what it’s like being 8 and other musings.

Lili Wings COL SQ.jpg

What’s it like being 8?

I guess it’s very fun because I do a lot of sport and I am in grade 3 which is ok, but sometimes I don’t like school because we have the most boring days ever. Sometimes I like to do homework but other times it is REALLY boring. Being 8 is a bit stressful too, because I have two older brothers that like to fight a lot so they usually practise on me. And being the youngest can be really annoying, because when you are small you usually only get to go on the baby rides at all of the fun parks even though you are older.

Describe your typical morning?

I wake up and go to the toilet then fight with my brothers

Best party trick?

I can do the splitz and make my tongue into a flower

What do you do for fun?

Dance, run and play basketball

Why do you like being a kid?

Because you get more spoilt than when you’re an adult

Favourite places to visit?

Rottnest Island + Perth

What do you think you’ll be doing 10 years from now?

I think I’ll be driving a car and babysitting

Any tips to share on life?

Be a kind person and don’t be down on yourself. Always look on the bright side.

Advice for your parents?


Artworks by Lili

Image by Jody Pachniuk