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I spent a lot of time thinking about that. Years later, what it came down to was very simple. I love kids and I love being creative. Inspired by preserving memories through keepsakes, I embarked upon a monster project .. to unearth and make use of years and years of storage boxes filled with beautiful childrens’ artwork that never saw light of day. 1200 pieces in all. And in the process of photographing, digitally capturing, cropping and cleaning them all up, I discovered I could create beautiful, permanent, bespoke pieces of art as a family legacy… with artwork crafted by my very own little people.

Each time I looked at them, I realised I was creating a road map of my childrens’ pasts and a reminder of the things that have impressed upon them. I was embracing the meaning in my life through printed versions of the little stories that mattered most. In a world of increasing dependency on screens and technology and the ease with which we can disconnect from others, more importantly, these pieces can become family anchor points for reconnection. So I came to realise, that if others share similar thoughts and challenges of limited time, resources and growing piles of kids artwork, maybe they too could benefit from a bespoke service like this. What could be more beautiful than to fill your home with permanent memories?


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Perth born and raised, Virginia Venn is based in Rose Bay, Sydney where she lives with her 3 beautiful kids.

Virginia is the creator and founder of LiTTLE HANGS. She has an Arts Degree in French + Political Science, with a professional background in photography, licensing, sales, marketing and retail.  

She grew up in a family that embraced the artistic and nurtured the creative. Exhibitions from a young age and an ever present sense of the beauty of the world helped build her lifelong love of the arts and an appreciation of the creative process.

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